2 x  40KG Adjustable dumbbells with tray stands Advanced Athleticwear Brand
						Brand New
						Product Specifics
													Adjustable tech lets you adjust the weight setting via a twisting dial
							5kg - 40kg in increments of 2kg per dumbbell
							Quick and easy change
							17 different weight settings per dumbbell
							Durable steel handle
							Rubber non-slip grip
							2 x Tray stands for easy storage
						Full product description
						Here we have two Advanced Athleticwear adjustable dumbbells with weights ranging from 5kg-40kg each (80kg in total) 
						These adjustable dumbbells are perfect for enhancing your home-gym set-up, replacing the need for multiple dumbbells of different weights and ensuring minimal space is required.
						With over 17 different incremental variations per dumbbell, it can be adjusted in no time at all - from 5kg up to 40kg in increments of 2kg per dumbbell. By simply turning the dials on the heads of the dumbbells, the internal safety-lock mechanism selects the desired weight for when the dumbbells are lifted.
						The ergonomically shaped handle provides a comfortable non-slip grip during exercise, while a high-quality steel core ensures maximum durability. The urethane cover for the weights and the stands ensures protection of both the dumbbells and their surroundings.
						Refunds for faulty or damaged goods will be accepted.

Adjustable Dumbbells Forty KG

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